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Mac Repair / PC Repair in San Diego

We repair and upgrade Macs and PCs in San Diego

We work on PC and Mac G3, G4, G5, PowerMac, iMac, eMac, Intel Mac, Powerbook, MacBook, Mac Laptop, Mac Pro, etc.
 Mac Repair / PC Repair in San Diego

What kind of Mac fixes or PC repairs and upgrades do we do?

• Optimize your Mac OS or Windows OS and give it a Tune-up!
We can troubleshoot, Install, and Upgrade your MAC OS and PC and other Mac software.

• Mac Memory or PC RAM upgrades.  Tired of your Mac or PC crashing?
We can troubleshoot your RAM and tell you if you need more and which one to use.

• Mac and PC Hard Drive Upgrades, Installs, Replacements.
We will troubleshoot, Install or replace your Hard Drive. We’ll backup your data and burn some DVDs so you have a permanent copy!

• Mac and PC Software Upgrades, Installs, and Troubleshooting.
We will troubleshoot, Optimize or Reinstall your Mac or Windows OS system to get you back to work!
We can also upgrade your Memory for your new operating system.

• Mac Wireless and Wired Installations, Troubleshooting, and Repairs.
We will troubleshoot or setup a network for your Mac with a wireless router to connect to your printer, PC and other computers in your home or office!

• Mac Printer Installation and Troubleshooting
We will troubleshoot and upgrade or install your Printer or AIO device and software and make sure it functions with your Mac.

• Windows and PC transfers to your Mac!
We can setup your Mac to run Windows and your PC applications!

Common types of Mac Problems:

• Does your Mac give you a question mark or not boot up?
• Does your Mac Hard Drive make a clicking noise or not run?
• Does you Mac run slow or sluggish?
• Is your Mac running out of space on your hard drive or need a backup?
• Does your Printer, AIO, or other external device not talk to your Mac?
• Can’t transfer your PC files to your Mac?
• Can’t open your PC files on your Mac?
• Need your Mac to be more Secure or want Mac security?
• Does your Mac have general problems or issues and just not run well?

Apple and Mac Training and Mac Tutoring/Instruction:

• Are you switching from PC to Mac?
• Are you wanting or trying to learn Mac software?
We give instruction and advanced training from Beginners to Advanced users for various Apple and Mac applications like: Mac OS9, OSX, Panther, Tiger, Leopard, Snow Leopard.
Adobe: Photoshop, Illustrator, ImageReady, Dreamweaver and others.
Coding: HTML, XHTML, CSS, Javascript, SEO.
Social Media Marketing: Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Meetup and others.
We want to help you enjoy your Mac!

Call us for a Free Estimate/Appointment or to fill out the form below with your computer problems.
We will diagnose and repair your computer in person!

Our Mac and PC experience: We are long-time Mac and PC power-users ever since the original Apple II and Windows 3.1 in the 80′s.  Having owned and operated all variations of Apple software since OS 7 to the current version of Mac OSX Leopard.  We have upgraded and maintained Mac and PC computers as a Computer Tech at various companies and colleges throughout the years and been a Mac tutor at various colleges also.

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