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ideas upgrades Logo DesignCustom Logo Design at a great price.

Logo design helps identify and brand your company and website. A properly designed custom logo makes your company unique and reputable.

There are 3 basic types of logos: Wordmarks, Icons, and Combination Marks.

  • Wordmarks are a stylized logo design based on the name such as the IBM, CNN, FedEx,etc.
  • Icons are symbolic and capture the essence of the company like Apple, Nike’s swoosh, etc.
  • Combination Marks are a mixture of the wordmark and icon like McDonalds golden arch and the name or AT&T’s globe and the name. This is usually the strongest and most memorable of logos.
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At Lionize Designs we can make your mark on the business world with a strong logo.

We create custom logos at a affordable price in San Diego, CA.
Take a look at some of our logo designs we’ve created for clients or..

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