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SEO strategy San Diego Search Engine OptimizationWe are local San Diego SEO Experts. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving the visibility of your website in the search engines. Today it takes a great SEO strategy to get top ranking keywords on Google for the world to find your business.  Ranking on Google (the #1 website and search engine in the world) for your local keyword search term is the equivalent of being listed at the top of the Yellow pages back in the 80′s and 90′s–only today people don’t use the phone book anymore.  Today your customers and clients use the internet to search for local businesses to fulfill their immediate local service and product needs. There are thousands of keyword searches going on every day that pertain to your business.  If your site isn’t showing up for what you sell then you’re losing sales and ground to your competition!  Unfortunately the market is very competitive and getting top-ranked without the right expertise and experience can be frustrating and costly. Pay-per-click or PPC and paying for Google AdWords can help, but can add up quickly and cost you a lot of money.

At Lionize Designs, with our San Diego SEO expertise and affordable San Diego SEO packages we can get your website ranking high in the “organic” search engine results. “Organic” search results are the website listings shown in the main column of search engine results page (SERPS) just below the paid listings.  Properly done website SEO doesn’t require any payment for Google Adwords or PPC, but does require expertise and years of experience. We can help you bring those customers and put them at your website’s “front door” ready to buy what you’re selling.

Top 10 Rankings on Google
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No SEO company can guarantee Top 10 Google rankings. If they say they can–don’t walk but run away. They just want your money. Google makes the rules and changes their search algorithm often to keep web designers, web developers, SEO experts, and everyone else from gaming their system. It’s a constant moving target that you must keep fine-tuning your site and adapt to. Most of our website designs include some basic SEO to get Google to index your site, but Top 10 Google Rankings aren’t guaranteed.  It takes a well-planned SEO strategy to analyze, optimize and maximize the potential of your website. The goal of our San Diego SEO service is getting your site to rank “organically” in the Top 10 on Google so you don’t have to pay for Google Adwords or PPC.

We rank in the Top 10 organically for many local and national keywords.

Check out some recent rankings below.

(*Please Note: Rankings and strategies do change with time and Google updates)

Rankings as of 10/12:

Rankings as of 4/3/12:

#4 out of 13.7 million results!

5 16 12 ranking sdlgr e1337224472121 San Diego Search Engine Optimization

#6 out of 9.1 million results!

5 16 12 ranking sdlg e1337225001565 San Diego Search Engine Optimization


#10 out of 20.9 million results in one of the most competitive keywords in San Diego!

5 16 12 ranking sdwd search results e1337227910846 San Diego Search Engine Optimization

5 16 12 ranking sdwd 10 e1337227677811 San Diego Search Engine Optimization




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Are your customers finding you in the search engines?
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