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“I would like to take this opportunity to highly recommend the expertise of Glenn at Lionize Designs for improving a company’s web site exposure through search engine placement.

In the last few months our site went
from 0 rankings in the Top 20 on Google,
to 5 keywords in the Top 10,
7 in the Top 20, 
and 15 in the Top 30!

I am thrilled with the placement Glenn has achieved for us, we couldn’t have done it without him. Glenn’s tremendous SEO experience is a great marketing asset to my company and

I would recommend him and Lionize Designs to any business looking to grow and strengthen their online presence.”

Michael Farkas
Owner, PM ProductionZ LLC

“Lionize Designs provides

“top of the line professional services
at affordable rates.”

“If you want one of the best web designers in town.”

I highly recommend the creative multi-talented Glenn Bradley. His patience and professional guidance through my website development is greatly appreciated. I am now a loyal client, so if you are looking for

“a one stop shop that brings all of your ideas
and designs to life.”

Lionize Designs is the place.”
- Keepsakez.net

“Glenn has been great to work with. His approach to building a website is nothing less than professional! I truly believe that in this day in age of technology, one really has to know how to put oneself out there. This is where Glenn’s expertise in this field shines through. His fascination and

“dedication with keeping up to date
on how to move up in the rankings of Google.”

and other sources,

“puts your website in the limelight for your prospects
as well as ahead of your competition!”

I’m also pleased with his design work. With his accomplished art/design background, it’s no wonder that when I presented my ideas, he quickly came up with a wonderful product. I am confident that as my business grows he will be the one I will come back to. I know you will find Glenn Bradley

“a wonderful asset to your business!”

- HarpEnchantment.com

“Lionize Designs

“saved me from a bad situation with another
“web designer” who wasn’t doing anything”

with my site.  I could never get a hold of him when I needed him and business had dropped off greatly.  Glenn helped deal with a Web Designer who didn’t want to give me my domain back and got it transferred quickly.  Lionize Designs met my demands and

“re-designed my website and
got us back on top of Google!”

They also added a nicer graphic look with a new improved logo and design, added more content and a YouTube video to boost our rankings! We’re back on track thanks to Lionize Designs!”
- VegasAutoGlass.com

“an ethical, energized consultant
dedicated to your business success.”

I’ve found just such a dynamo here in San Diego: lionizedesigns.com
His prices are reasonable, he is a true artist and he knows a heck of a lot about search engine optimization as well.  Finding an artist who stays up on the most recent SEO strategies and genuinely cares about the success of my business is a find indeed.
- InformedWebContent.com

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Web Design Testimonials for Lionize Designs

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