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Our motto is “Quality by Design.” For over 10 years we’ve been building and designing websites for small and medium size businesses.

95% of our new San Diego web design clients tells us ”a good San Diego web designer is hard to find.”  Here at Lionize Designs, our San Diego Web Design company hears you loud and clear. We believe in quality websites for your actual needs–nothing more, nothing less.

We’re not just another vendor.  We want to be your partner in growing your business.

icon 48x48 people San Diego Web DesignUnlike other San Diego web design companies we spend quality time to get to know you and your business needs. We know web design can be quite technical, so we want you to feel comfortable and answer all your questions before and after your web design project. Many San Diego web design companies just want to get your money and don’t care what your website needs are.

We’re selective with who we work with.

Half the equasion of a successful web design is you the client.  Not everyone is a match or has the budget or is ready to do whats necessary to improve their business and move to next level.  Another unique thing about us is we don’t chase clients and hard-sell you, so when you’re ready call us, we’ll be here.

Get a FREE Web Design EstimateIts quick and easy. We’re here to help.

Quality San Diego Web Design in 4 Easy Steps!

seo magnify San Diego Web Design1. San Diego Web Design Consultation

A San Diego Web Design client of ours calls us a “a one-stop shop that brings all your ideas to life.” We like to think of our Clients as partners. However, we can’t build a great website without knowing the unique details and background of your business. While others will throw out a low-ball quote just to see if you’ll bite, they’ll also give you a sterile template for unsatisfactory results too.  The San Diego web design market is flooded with so called San Diego web design companies or people who “know web design.”  Unfortunately many lack any formal training or are in fact not based in San Diego or even the U.S.

In regards to price, our San Diego web design prices are very competitive for the quality of work and experience we have.  We don’t claim to be the lowest price San Diego web design company, however we definitely aren’t expensive compared to most San Diego web design companies either. We caution prospective clients not to make a costly “low budget mistake” as nearly 95% of our new clients end up coming to us to redo a website that wasn’t built properly–so you end up paying twice.

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Another nice thing that sets us apart is building client-friendly San Diego Web Designs with Content Management Systems like WordPress.

On a tight budget and know what you want? We offer affordable Web Design Packages to suit any budget (contact us for more details). Next we follow that up with a phone call to clarify your information and make sure we’re on the same page.  We don’t limit you to 30 minutes or less.  We consult with you to get all your questions answered.

For a Custom San Diego Web Design project, fill out our FREE Web Design Estimate form.  Its just 11 quick questions get things going on your project.  This also helps you become aware of your options, website features and functionality, but also helps us provide you with a more accurate estimate so there’s no surprises down the road.  We want your website to be a success by design.

Get a FREE Web Design EstimateIts quick and easy. We’re here to help.


2. San Diego Web Design Productionweb design San Diego Web Design

After we get the scope of your project, features, and functionality confirmed and approved we can start our San Diego Web Design process.  We’ll collect the content from you to fill out the webpages. We’ll also need to collect your payment/s before we can begin. Based on our consultation with you and our web design expertise, we’ll come up with a layout or design that will best highlight your business products or services and offer the functionality it needs.  Unlike other competitors for San Diego Web Design, we don’t farm out or outsource San Diego web design work to foreign countriesOur websites are 100% designed and built in San Diego, CA. You’re dealing direct with the Chief San Diego Web Designer here so things don’t get lost in translation.

3. San Diego Web Development development San Diego Web Design

In this stage we develop the website according to the project scope we agreed upon.  We’ll need you to provide the photos that you want us to use for the website.  If you don’t have any, we recommend BigStock as they have a broad selection of royalty-free photos at the best prices.  Create a light-box of images and share it with us.  We’ll also make recommendations on images.  After we decide on what images/graphics will get placed we start building the website based on the theme we discussed.  This is where all the pieces come together and we provide your site everything it needs to serve you and your customers.

4. Website Launchicon 48x48 arrow right curved San Diego Web Design

San Diego Web Design projects are usually completed and launched from a few weeks to a month or so.  It all depends on how big the project is and how soon we get all the content and/or photos and images.  Although we don’t recommend it, the quickest turnaround is a few weeks.  Quality content does takes time.  The average web design project takes from 3 weeks to a month minimum despite what many “web designers” will over-promise you.  You have to factor in getting the deliverables from the client (content, photos, etc.) and emails, phone consultations, and everything in-between.  Most busy web designers have other projects they’re working too. Also, you don’t want your site to go online with a bunch of spelling errors or broken features.  When your website is finished we’ll upload it to our web hosting server and provide Free Hosting for 30 days.  We’ll need user access to your web server if you are hosting the site yourself. However, we highly recommend you use our WordPress Optimized Web Hosting as your- typical cheap shared webhost is not optimized for a WordPress and doesn’t provide many things like complete site backups, updates and regular maintenance. Get more information about our web hosting plans.

For a custom San Diego Web Design project,

Get a FREE Web Design EstimateIts quick and easy. We’re here to help.


San Diego Web Design by Lionize Designs.

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