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14 Dec 2008

Invitrogen.com (Thermo Fisher, Life Technologies)

CMS, Graphic Design, Icon Design, UI Design, Web Design, eCommerce Website No Comments

Web Producer (Web Designer): Responsible for designing, editing, and fulfilling web requests and updates to a leading global bio-tech and life science site. Communicated with high-level Product Managers to get necessary content and images to market products with multimillion-dollar sales expectations. Created numerous web landing pages, micro sites, images, registration forms, log-ins, and more to satisfy and enhance the sales goals of multimillion dollar products in a CMS website. Maintained an award-winning web site in the bio-tech field.

Tools used: HTML, Dreamweaver, CMS, Photoshop, CSS, JavaScript.

*Invitrogen changed to Life Technologies and later was bought by Thermo Fisher.

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